Fuel Pumps / Fuel Pump Assemblies

   Chin Ying Industry supplied Customized and Aftermarket fuel system with a high pressure electric fuel pump since 2002.
   High Performance fuel pump for Modified Cars and also Top Quality fuel pump module assembly for aftermarket.
   Chin Ying Industry keep to develop new model each year , searching for better material and supplier to Put our customers
   On TOP.
   American Car Fuel Pumps , European Car Fuel Pumps
   Japanese Car Fuel Pumps  ,  Korean Car Fuel Pumps

   CY-FP21119 / CYFP21119
   CY-FP82309 / CYFP82309
   CY-FP24469 / CYFP24469
   CY-FP82409 / CYFP82409
   CY-FP80239 / CYFP80239



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